2022 Race Calendar

Running through the Countryside


Race #4 of the Twilight Series is run on the country roads of Union Bridge. Starting at FSK, you'll traverse the rolling hills in this out and back course. If you stick around to the evening, you'll usually have a chance to see a beautiful sunset over the countryside.

Women's Distance Festival


This WRRC race is part of the Women's Distance Festival.

Twilight Series Race #5

Pleasant Valley 4 mile

The 5th race of the Twilight Series takes us back to Pleasant Valley Fire Hall but in a different direction from Bear Run in February. This course will challenge with some hills but completing the entire Twilight Series is in sight!

The Final Stretch of the TWS

Runnymede 8K

The final race of the Twilight Series is the longest and has the toughest hill. Enjoy the downhill on the way out and remember, what goes down must come back up! After completing all Twilight Series races, you should be ready for any Fall goals that you have in the coming months.

Run the Roller Coaster!

Tahoma Roller Coaster

The 1st race of the Marathon Series. This race is net-downhill and starts the journey of completing 26.2 miles over 4 races. The distances will continue to increase as the temperatures continue to decrease.

Marathon Series Race #2

Frosty Pumpkin 10K

The 2nd race of the Marathon Series lends itself to a variety of weather. Expect cooler or even frosty temperatures as you complete the 10K course. This course is very similar to the course used during the Bachman Valley Half Marathon.

Sponsored by the City of New Windsor

Frank Schaeffer Memorial Run

Same below website for more information as it becomes available.

Marathon Series Race #3

Mayberry 7 Mile

The 3rd race of the Marathon Series starts differently from the Runnymede 8K but finishes with that same hill. During this race, you'll be headed towards the back half of the marathon and preparing yourself for the final stretch.

What the Hill?!

What the Hill? 8 Mile

The final race of the Marathon Series (and the year) includes rolling hills throughout with a final uphill at Mile 25 of the Marathon. You'll exclaim "What the Hill!" as you finish the last uphill but enjoy the final downhill in Mile 26 as you sprint to the finish!