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2019 Marathon Series

2019 Results

Ben Brown and Erica McCann win the 2019 Marathon Series

The 2019 Marathon Series wrapped up December 8th with the What The Hill? 8 mile.  This series
of four races, which the total distance equals 26.2 miles, began in September with the Tahoma
Roller Coaster 5 mile, other races include the Frosty Pumpkin 10K and the Mayberry Seven.
Ben Brown was the first finisher with an overall time of 2:53:39.  This was Ben’s second
consecutive first place finish.  Erica McCann was the first woman’s finisher with an overall time
of 3:32:58.  There were 20 runners that finished the 2019 Marathon, for a total of 120
marathons completed in the six year history of the event.  Gary Honeman has completed all 6
marathons, while Karen Stohrer and Liuda Galinanitis have completed 4 each.

Final Standings: 2019 2018 2017