2020 Marathon Series

2020 Results

2020 Virtual Marathon Series Wraps Up
Yinger and Merkel Top Finishers

The 2020 Marathon Series wrapped up its virtual run with 48 finishers, a record number. Tom
Yinger, 50, finished first with an overall time of 2:56:04. Yinger was the 2016 Marathon Series
winner. Samantha Merkel, 23, was the first women and fourth overall with a time of 3:07:16.
Karsten Brown was the first male master with a time of 3:02:08. Cristine McCubbin was the
first female master with a time of 3:31:09. McCubbin was the 2017 women’s series winner.
Steve Kerzel was the first 50 to 59 male with a time of 3:04:07, Jennifer Fritzsche was the first
50 to 59 woman with a time of 3:19:06. John Schmitt was the first 60-69 male with a time
3:45:28 and Nancy Willis was the first 60-69 woman with a time of 4:28:45. Bobby Willis was
the first 70 plus male with a time of 4:24:12. Gary Honeman completed his seventh marathon.
Congrats to all Marathon Series finishers and thanks to everyone that participated.

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