About the Westminster Road Runners Club

The Westminster Road Runners Club is a non-profit organization, based in Carroll County, Maryland. Our goal is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle through running. Our members range widely in age, ability, and running goals. Anyone is welcome to participate in our Club races and events. Come join us!

Come read about the HISTORY of the Westminster Road Runners Club!

Bylaws of the Westminster Road Runners Club

We are also a member of the Road Runners Club of America.


Elected Board of Directors:
VACANT - President
Ben Brown - Vice President (& Webmaster)
Lori Scarbeau Lau - Secretary (& Volunteer Coordinator)
Liuda Galinaitis - Treasurer (& Twilight Series Director)


Additional Board of Directors:

Sandy Matthias - Main Street Mile Director

Gary Honeman and Paul Kelly - Equipment Manager(s)
Steve Kerzel - Webmaster

Chris Reese - Twilight Series Director

VACANT - Bachman Valley Half Marathon Director


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