Run with the Knights Results, 2017

June 22, 2017

Taylor, Arbaugh cruise to wins


On a warm and humid evening, 118 runners and copious volunteers came out to Century High School to tame the hilly 5K course.


The men's race had several former event winners vying to add another one to their ledger. Last year, Ryan Taylor held on to a narrow win over Steve Kartalia. This year, Ryan had a narrow lead over Brendan DuLaney coming back from the turnaround, and both were looking strong. A little ways back were Karsten Brown, Peter Merkel and Steve Kartalia. The long hill with a mile to go is always a difference maker, and it was not to be Brendan's day. It came down to another close battle, with Ryan repeating a close victory, this time over a hard-charging Karsten. Peter edged Steve for third and Brendan held off Brandon Arbaugh for fifth.


This writer forgot to watch for the women's leaders as he worked up the hill towards the turnaround, but the top two were sure last year's series winner Tonna Arbaugh and newlywed Sam Merkel. Tonna did not gift Sam a win, however, and won the battle for first. A ways back, Brady Crone had a solid race for third.


The youngest in the race was 7 year-old Dario Lavelle, impressively under a half-hour. The next youngest were 10 year-olds Sal Lavelle and Maddy Gassman, each well under a half-hour. The 118th youngest was 85 year-old Yvonne Aasen, who ran extra distance, but still finished in an hour. Just younger than than that were 74 year-old Jim Bullock, tearing it up as usual in 26:27. Mega-racer Jeanette Novak won the same age group on the women's side, as she has done many times this year. 72 year-old Skip Fennell would impress many if Jim didn't skew the curve.


Unique to this event is a second heat for those volunteers who would also like to race. Seven volunteers plus race director Robert Holt took advantage and ran the lonelier heat. Our ample list of volunteers included Vida Callier, Liuda Galinaitis, Patty Engler, Bill Harvey, Paula Smith, Candace Blancett (sp?), Simon Crisp, Karen Rinehart, Jean Smink, Dan Rosenberg, Rick Romeo, Loel Romeo, Dave Armstrong, Andrea Everton, Jen Goffena, Frank Schaeffer and Tim Gosnell.


Next up in two weeks is the hilly and always hot FSK 6K. Due to construction, we will be parking in the upper lot at Francis Scott Key HS. With the Owl 2M not scored, you need four of the five remaining race results for your series score. It will take running or volunteering for just four of all six events this year to qualify for the series premium.