Note from the WRRC Board

March 3, 2021

Club Members:


In lieu of our annual club meeting, the WRRC Board Members wanted to provide you with an update on the Westminster Road Runners and our plans for the upcoming year.


This past year has been a tough year for everyone.  WRRC lost a great past President, race director, leader, and friend in Frank Schaeffer.  He will be missed at all of the races and events throughout the community.  There are currently preparations for a future event in his honor so please stay tuned for that in the future.  


We also saw racing and club events come to a halt.  We had to cancel the Main Street Mile (in 2020 and 2021) and moved many of our other races to virtual events.  These were met with great participation by club members and non-club members alike!  We are currently finishing up the WRRC Spring to the Beach Challenge with our 50+ participants.  Many of whom have already completed the challenge!  


At this time, our club membership numbers are down from 2020 but that is to be expected based on the lack of events.  As we hope to resume some events in the near future, we expect the participation to increase.  However, as we do this, we are asking for club assistance to continue to allow WRRC to be successful.


Several of our planned 2021 events this year are in need of race directors.    Many of our events are very simple to organize and implement, however, we still need individuals willing!  At the moment, we have the following events without a race director.  


9/12 - Tahoma Roller Coaster (Marathon Series Race #1)

9/26 - Bachman Valley Half Marathon 

12/12 - What the Hill? 8 Mile (Marathon Series Race #4)


WRRC could also use several individuals that would be willing to assist in races with the intention of learning how to direct a small WRRC race. So if you are interested in race-directing in the future, volunteering at races, or helping organize group runs for WRRC members this Summer we could still use your help!


Anyone that is interested or has further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out through our contact form on our website( or through email at


Thanks for all your support throughout these past 12 months and looking forward to the rest of 2021!


WRRC Board