Tahoma Roller Coaster 5 mile Results, 2021

September 12, 2021

26 completed the first event of the 2021 Marathon Series in unusually pleasant weather conditions. Skip Fennell and Andrew Richardson volunteered for race director Paul Kelly. What the course lacks in right-hand turns in makes up for in hills. Andrew was on the course at a key intersection to keep us on track, while Skip assisted Paul at the finish line. 


It was determined the clock was started seven seconds late, so results were adjusted accordingly. Paul ran himself in a second heat to complete the competition. Meanwhile, standing atop the men's podium were Ben Brown, Tom Yinger, and Patrick Stohrer. They were well out of sight of all the other competitors by the finish. The women's podium was Heidi Neske, Tina McCubbin, and Holly Hergan. Heidi reportedly took what I'll call a "rest interval," but came back to take first.


Next up is the Frosty Pumpkin 10K on October 10th. All runners are welcome, regardless if you're on track to complete the series.