Mayberry 7 Mile Results, 2021

November 14, 2021

The weather was cool but comfortable at the Mayberry 7M, the third event in the 2021 Marathon Series. Twenty-one runners tackled the rolling seven miles, with fifteen still on track to complete the marathon distance with the What the Hill 8M on December 12th.


Ben Brown took back the lead for the men's competition, turning a 23-second deficit after Tom Yinger's 10K victory into a 40-second lead. Patrick Stohrer crushed it for a strong third place position.


Tina McCubbin battled Samantha Harry for the entire race, holding her off for a 6-second victory on the day. Tina also took a dominant lead in the series with the absence of Heidi Neske. Holly Hergan cruised into third place for the women in the 7M and second in the series.


Thanks to race director Bob McCubbin and our volunteers for ensuring no one got lost and the finish line went smoothly.