Winfield Mile, 2020 Results

Wednesday, 1 January 2020     

South Carroll High School     
Jesse Wiley claims him first victory at the 2020 Winfield Mile and was pretty much uncontested     
as there was about a 10 second differential between each top 10 finisher.     
I want to thank all the runners who came out to run this year, and a special thank you to the     
Winfield Fire department for a great turn out and for bringing the Fire trucks down for all to enjoy.     
I also want to thank all the volunteers, a mixed group of friends  from both the WRRC and ERR     
including Liuda Galinaitis, Frank Schaeffer, Candace Bioncett, Donna Larkin, Jessie Demuth,     
Brian Lawton and Mary Baker. You all did a wonderful job and everything ran very smooth.     

Robert Muhl, Race Director