Hashawha 3-Mile Trail Run Results, 2019

June 13, 2019

On a rainy evening in the Hashawha Environmental Center, the weather cleared twenty minutes before race time. The cold front that moved in provided us with pleasant running temperatures for June, particularly compared to what we typically encounter for this event. However, even before the steady rain made our course's trails quite muddy, the precipitation from the preceding weeks had prompted a course change. The cost for avoiding the marshy lowlands in the first mile was a bit more elevation change and a slightly longer course. A sampling of 24 GPS watches gave us a mean and median of 2.91 miles. Our usual course seemed to be about 2.85 miles.


Probably what slowed people the most was the caution in running the treacherous downhills. There were also more trees across our path than usual. So times were slower this year, but we embraced the mud; a couple runners took that more literally than the rest. A few runners did a bonus .2 or .3 mile by initially missing a turn, but most found the markings despite the rain's best effort at obfuscation.


The quickest at maneuvering through the muck and hills was Colin Russell, at age 37 pulling away from teenagers Jacob Watson and Sean Bradley. The young ones usually do the best at Hashawha, running with the fearlessness that comes (perhaps) from a youthful lack of wisdom. For the women, recent teenager Colleen Kernan pulled away, only crossing the line behind those mentioned above. Brady Crone ran with some caution, but used her recent experience winning masters at the muddy Spring Hops 5K to maintain second place. Rising star Hope Faris outkicked her Dad to place third overall and first in 15 & under.


Other age-group leaders for the men included Spencer Hamblen, outdueling Tom Yinger for 40-49. Brendan DuLaney just edged Steve Moore in 30-39. John Way, running with the wisdom of his advanced years, took the downhills and turns slow, but apparently so did his 50-59 competitors such as Steve Kerzel. 60 year-old Don O'Brien dominated his group, running like a 58 or 59 year-old. Joe Loveland either frightened off his 70-79 competitors, or the others have more sense than to tackle this course.


Other age-group leaders for the women started with Stephanie Clark, who wisely decided to turn 30 and get away from the even speedier 20-somethings. Holly Hergan ran strongly and took the 50-59 honors ahead of wayward Ruth Taylor, who missed a turn and the opportunity to challenge Holly. Experienced Twilight Series runner Makenzie Hopkins finished a step or two ahead of similarly experienced Georgiana Dellaney in their 16-19 group. Chris Reese finished ahead of the other co-series director Liuda Galinaitis in their 60-69 group. Always steady Jeanette Novak polished off a 70-79 victory.


We wouldn't have been able to splash through mud puddles like kids, have a marked course, and have our races results recorded without our volunteers. Race director Gary Honeman did necessary pre-planning and reservations, but was unable to join us on race evening. Proceedings were ably managed by Liuda Galinaitis, Chris Reese, Frank Schaeffer, Joe Loveland, Stephen Allgeier, Katie Griffith, Ryan DuLaney (did we get the right one?) and Baby DuLaney. (Please send additions and corrections to jsway1 at yahoo dot com.) Next up in the Twilight Series is the Run with the Knights 5K at Century High School on June 27. Less mud is guaranteed.